12 Tips For Getting the Most From Your Radio Show Interview

 12 Tips For Getting the Most From Your Radio Show Interview


Congratulations! You’ve got a radio interview. A radio interview is an invaluable way to promote your business, services or products. Recorded radio shows can be used reggae radio show  in many ways to leverage your online presence and marketing efforts. Think of it as a very elegant, but convenient way of creating ‘content’ over the air. Here’s some tips for getting the most of your radio show interview.

Prepare a short bio for your host. – Your host will use this to promote your show with – so make it short (usually about 20-30 words) snappy and specific to the topic of your show.


Provide high quality, professional images – Send any professional profile images of your self, your logo, and any other high quality images of your products or services that can be used to ‘engage listeners.


Make Yourself Promotable. – Exchange social media contact info, urls, etc. with your host and for the show.


Promote Your Show Like Your Own Event – Blog about your upcoming interview, tweet about it and post frequently on Facebook. If you’re show is on Blog Talk Radio you can also use Pinterest to promote yourself ahead of time. This is your event as well. If its appropriate ask friends or clients to call-in to the show with questions or comments. Help your host make the show lively and interesting.


Provide Tips for Listeners – Prepare 3 tips to offer listeners throughout the show. Keep them them relevant to your interview topic, practical and all-seasonal so that whether you listened to your show 6 months or a year from now it will still contain meaningful content.


Have something to offer – Offer something juicy and give it some urgency. It can be your free download, an invitation to an event, or a free consultation.


Prepare 10-20 questions for your host – Make it easy for your host to ask you questions and get to the heart of your business. If there are any special events or promotions you are offering, let her know about that as well.


Be prepared with answers – Expect that your host will ask questions related to current trends, events or unique aspects of your business. Be prepared with answers that will add interest to the show and that will drive listeners to your site to learn more about you.


Meet with your host ahead of time. – Your hosts are your friends. Not only will you be more comfortable on-air if you have spoken with them ahead of time, but your on-air interview will have a friendly quality that listeners will enjoy. Take a few minutes to reviewyour bio, your list of questions and any special offers you’re prepared to make to her listeners.


Last Minute Emergencies – Knock on wood – hopefully you make your interview well and feeling spectacular. Things happen. If it happens and you are not able to make your interview because of illness or emergency, contact your host as early as possible so that they can other arrangements to fill in your on-air time slot.


Write a post, Tweet and Facebook your success. – Be sure to thank your hosts, clients, other bloggers and along with anyone who helped you make your show a success. Mention some highlights from your interview, make your 3 tips available to your readers and leave a link to the show or a way your fans can listen in.


Thank your host. – Follow up with your host a few days after the show. Talk with her about how things went, ask her if she has feedback for you and provide constructive feedback for her if appropriate. Ask if there any comments from listeners, ratings, etc. If all went well, find out if its appropriate to schedule a future interview a few months ahead.

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